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Wolfinger Water is now Fuhrmann Plumbing, Heating & Cooling!

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We are ready to provide well services such as:


Installing Residential, Agricultural, and Industrial Pumps

Whether you just got your well installed or you need to replace your existing pump, Call Fuhrmann Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. for well pump installation at residential, agricultural, and industrial properties! 

We install and upgrade a variety of pumps, including: 

  • Conventional submersible pumps - Comes in a variety of sizes and operates on a gallon-per-minute basis
  • Constant pressure submersible pumps - Operates on demand to provide a more city-like water supply; more energy efficient 

Full-Service Pump Repairs and Replacement

If you have a broken down well pump, turn to us for help. 

Comprehensive Pump and Well Services:

  • Pump problem troubleshooting
  • Control box servicing
  • Capacity testing
  • Pitless adapter installations and repairs
  • Pressure switch repairs

Expert Pressure Tank Repairs

The pressure tank on your well allows your system's pumps to send clean water to the surface:

  • New installations and replacements
  • Service and repairs
  • Emergency repair services
  • Tank cleaning
  • Authorized Flint Willing Well Pump

Safe Well Pump Removal and Disposal

Some of the benefits of well closure include:

  • Prevents hydraulic changes in the aquifer
  • Eliminates the hole in the ground
  • Eliminates the pathway of contamination
  • Prevents accidental falls into the well
  • Keeps generations safe for years to come
  • Enables you to have peace of mind
  • Keeps chemicals from getting in the water

Professional Water Line Services

Come to us for all you water line needs, such as:

  • Underground water line installation
  • Water line repairs
  • Water line installations
  • Well line repairs
  • Well pump replacements